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Have you ever felt that for every step forward you take- you find yourself dealing with another place of stuck as well?  

The reality is that every woman getting ready to take a new step becomes aware that while she wants to be doing the things that matter to her-- she is also feeling a new place of stuck.  Often it is out of uncertainty whether she is qualified for the task ahead.

Join me for the next 

Green HOPE Gathering

Wednesday, May 30th at 8:00pm (Eastern)

Please note the TIME ZONE.

This will be a live ZOOM video conference call.  Links and details will be sent to you once you register.  All you need is an internet connection from your phone or computer.  If you prefer not to join via video, you can still participate on the call. 

This call is free- my gift to the GHC community for your support during the 'stuck places' in my life. 

Space is limited so register today. If you have questions, email

Sometimes it helps to talk about STUCK places with others. We find out we are not alone- AND we discover steps we can take to help us move forward with confidence. Even baby steps - taken intentionally over time make a huge difference down the road. Let's do this together!

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