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EnVISION YOU: PILOT Coaching Group (special special offer)

Take advantage of this SPECIAL OFFER by signing up
by Friday, September 13th!
This group is for the woman who wants to work through the EnVision YOU materials directly with me and a small group of motivated women. 

Meets ONLINE for 8 weeks: Monday evenings 
Sept 30 - December 2, 2019
7:30- 9:00pm (Eastern) 
SPACE IS LIMITED to 12 to allow for more personal attention. Reserve your spot today.

  • You get the personal interaction with me to help you work through your stuck places and next steps. 
  • You get the course at the best price it will ever be listed at, significantly less then it will be listed for in just 90 days when we release it to the public.
  • You get access to any future updates to the course, and updates will be made according to your feedback,
    so you get to help tailor the course to fit your needs as we continue to improve it over the next couple of months.
  • We will meet over the internet (ZOOM) so you do not have to be local to be involved. 


  • Digital copies of the
    EnVision You: UnStuck and Confident
    Book and Companion Workbook 

  • Access to the private Facebook community for the Pilot group members who are also working to through EnVision YOU.

  • One Strategy Session with Kathy via phone or video chat to discuss the topic of your choice. This can be used before, during or after the Pilot program. 
197.00 USD

Green Hope TRIO

There is this THING you feel like you need help to think through - 

  • next step
  • stuck place
  • thought process around a life message
  • emotion that keeps getting in your way

You discuss it with a friend and while you create new awareness around that THING, you aren't sure what to do with what you now know.

Schedule your GREEN HOPE TRIO package and lets partner together to identify the strategy and actions that will work best for you.

You can choose one of THREE ways:

1. THREE 60 minute sessions to be scheduled over three weeks or three months.

2. Two 75 minute sessions with one 30 min followup session.

3. One THREE Hour VIP session to take an in-depth dive into your stuck place or your goals for next steps.

All THREE of these options can be done over the phone or video chat
- or if you are local, we can consider a live visit. 

Normally this would be a $300 value, but the GREEN HOPE Special price through Nov 30th is a $40 savings. 

Just sign up below- and let me know which option works best for you

260.00 USD


Have you ever felt that for every step forward you take- you find yourself dealing with another place of stuck as well?  

The reality is that every woman getting ready to take a new step becomes aware that while she wants to be doing the things that matter to her-- she is also feeling a new place of stuck.  Often it is out of uncertainty whether she is qualified for the task ahead.

Join me for the next 

Green HOPE Gathering

Thursday, Nov 21st
at 8:00pm (Eastern)

Please note the TIME ZONE.

This will be a live ZOOM video conference call.  Links and details will be sent to you once you register.  All you need is an internet connection from your phone or computer.  If you prefer not to join via video, you can still participate on the call. 

This call is free- my gift to the GHC community for your support during the 'stuck places' in my life. 

Space is limited so register today. If you have questions, email

Sometimes it helps to talk about STUCK places with others. We find out we are not alone- AND we discover steps we can take to help us move forward with confidence. Even baby steps - taken intentionally over time make a huge difference down the road. Let's do this together!

0.00 USD

Green HOPE Coaching for the Hard Stuff (SPECIAL OFFER)

I know 'hard stuff' - whether it is learning the ropes as an entrepreneur and coach, or dealing with the losses of life.  I get that sometimes we can get stuck in the process of working our way through the hard places.


I am offering this special package called: 

Green Hope Coaching for the Hard Stuff 

I would be honored to partner with you as you walk through challenging times that often are intensified when spring is close, but now quite here. 

Or perhaps you need a partner to help someone you care deeply about. 

Schedule a monthly support package with me.

Here is what you will get:

  • a 60 minute session with me (Kathy) to create a strategy to deal with the hard stuff. 

  • a 30 min follow up session offering encouragement & support.

  • and a prayer partner to support you though the month. 

Schedule a session for yourself, or give the gift of a month (or more) to a friend.

Hard stuff is hard enough to deal with all by itself.  You don't have to do this alone.  

Regular Package price is $177.  Take advantage of this $30 savings and schedule one package for you and another for someone you care about. 

Give a gift that says you see their pain and you want to help.

147.00 USD

BOOK: LovelyTraces of Hope

Get your signed copy of the book started by my daughter, Leisha before she died at the age of 15.

Leisha write one chapter that told my story and ended with  "and then i was born. "

It took me 20 chapters to tell my side of the story. I invite you to listen to your own story as you connect with ours. 

15.00 USD

What's Your Story Telling You? DIY Self Study Book

 Ever wonder what your story might be telling you- about your values, your relationships, your next steps for the future?   Kathy will journey with you as you look at your own life map and the influence it can have on those in your world.  Now is a good time to pay attention to what your life is saying to you

17.00 USD