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04/26/2018 Making the Most of the Remarkable Space Between
01/12/2018 Thank you for past 7 years!
12/14/2017 From My Heart to Yours this Christmas!
10/27/2017 What ONE THING would you like to finish in 2017?
09/20/2017 What are you learning from your Patron?
09/15/2017 What Excuses are Holding You Back?
09/05/2017 Do You Know Your Value?
09/05/2017 Do You Know Your Value?
04/19/2017 Are You Making YOUR Difference? April 2017
02/21/2017 GHC Sends You LOVE! Feb 2017
01/12/2017 GHC with Kathy Burrus invites you to EnJoy!
03/29/2016 Celebrating the POWER of Spring!
01/18/2016 We are Celebrating!!
09/07/2015 (contains working links- sorry!)Registration Deadline is Friday, Sept 11th at midnight.
08/24/2015 Where do you go when You don't know where you are going?
08/19/2015 What can you do when you don't know what to do?
08/11/2015 Quick announcement and a favor…
05/05/2015 Living a Life of Influence
02/05/2015 Win a 2nd Date Night if you Register By Wednesday, Feb 11.
01/28/2015 Add FUN to the equation.
01/06/2015 Here's to a thriving marriage! Is it yours?
10/07/2014 The NAKED TRUTH... are you willing to hear it?
09/17/2014 Getting to Yada You, Getting to Yada all about You!
07/26/2014 You can't just PRESS PLAY!
05/31/2014 35 years is a long dance!
05/14/2014 Juggling too many Hats??? May 2014
04/12/2014 Learning to Dance---AGAIN! April 2014
03/11/2014 GHC is Intentionally Designing Hope! March 2014
02/11/2014 Dear Lady! You are invited!
01/17/2014 Kathy Burrus, Green Hope Coaching is at it again!
11/19/2012 My heart is filled with gratitude as I think of you! Thanksgiving 2012
09/30/2012 We are DEDICATING HOPE! You are Invited! October 1, 2012
09/08/2012 How will you end your year? September 2012
08/16/2012 Early Bird Pricing ends at midnight!
08/13/2012 Special Early Bird Pricing Ends Thursday at midnight! August 13, 2012
08/04/2012 HOPE is being built in the DEEP WOODS August 5, 2012
07/27/2012 Leisha's HOPE is building HOPE!! July 27, 2012
07/03/2012 Yes! Green Hope Coaching and Kathy Burrus are still working!!! June 25, 2012
02/08/2012 You are giving away WHAT???? February 8, 2012
02/02/2012 Do I HAFTA dance at the DANCE!
12/18/2011 Merry Christmas from the Burrus Family
12/09/2011 Out of the Box Gift ideas from GHC! December 2011
11/22/2011 Thinking of Thanking!November 2011
10/30/2011 Already Dreading the Holidays?October 2011
10/01/2011 Shoulder to Shoulder/ Eye to EyeSeptember 2011
08/30/2011 You want us to do WHAT?August 2011
07/26/2011 A Legacy of Life July 2011
07/18/2011 A Love Legacy of Life July 2011
06/17/2011 Edited Edition with correct E-book LinkPlease accept my apologies for any inconvenience! LOOKING BACK to MOVE FORWARD June, 2011
05/25/2011 Have you registered yet for Celebrate the DANCE? May 25, 2011
05/20/2011 Introducing you to...
05/09/2011 Celebrate the DANCE!May 11, 2011
03/13/2011 Your Comfort Zone March 11, 2011